Are cordless leaf blowers any good?

Are cordless leaf blowers any good?

If you think that your backyard is a hopeless scenario, you might have not yet heard about leaf blowers. A leaf blower is a handy tool that can instantly clean your yard from dirt and leaves. It propels air out from a nozzle to move leaves, grass cuttings, and other debris.

It comes in different types such as corded electric blowers, cordless leaf blowers, gas powered leaf blowers, and more. Are cordless leaf blowers any good?

This article is about the more recent types of leaf blowers – the cordless leaf blowers. Know about the difference between cordless leaf blowers and corded leaf blowers, the advantages, drawbacks, and different types of cordless leaf blowers.

Are cordless leaf blowers any good from corded ones?

Corded leaf blowers and cordless leaf blowers are both electric blowers. Electric blowers are easy to maintain, lighter, and quieter than the gas blowers.

They are easier to start too. Higher power electric blowers are effective to sweep debris off yards which are a quarter of an acre in size.

The corded leaf blowers provide constant power without carrying the weight of a battery. It is limited to a specific area because of its cord.

Therefore, it is best to use the corded leaf blower in small areas near the house. They can be attached to compatible extension cords to lengthen the cord and reach.

Meanwhile, the cordless leaf blowers are better with mobility than the corded ones. They are powered by high voltage batteries which add weight to the equipment.

These batteries need recharging so you might want to stock up on spare batteries when you are going to clean a huge area.

Advantages and disadvantages of cordless leaf blowers

Cordless leaf blowers are mid-range priced leaf blowers. They are easy to maneuver and lightweight. They are popular for being easy to maintenance and for the absence of cords which can limit the use and mobility.

Cordless leaf blowers provide less power than gas powered leaf blowers. The batteries also limit its power. They can be heavier than other kinds of leaf blowers because of the batteries.

The advantage of the batteries is their ability to be used in other kinds of outdoor equipment such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws, mowers, and trimmers. If these are available among your tools and utilities, you can use their batteries while you charge the other batteries.

The batteries of cordless leaf blowers are nickel cadmium and lithium ion. The lithium ion is smaller and lighter than the nickel cadmium. The lithium ion battery can hold the charge for several months in between uses.

Leaf blower buying guide

Aside from the types of leaf blowers, here are the other features that you should check when buying:

  • Leaf blowers come in two different engines that have pros and cons. The 4-cycle engine is powered by gasoline. It is heavier than the 2-cycle engine and needs regular oil change. On the other hand, the two-cycle engine provide an equal power and weight but it runs on the mixture of gasoline and oil. You may buy a premix solution or mix it yourself. Choose either of the two depending on your preference.
  • For corded leaf blowers, the ratings for amp (A) is important. For the cordless leaf blower, the volts should be checked. And for the gasoline powered leaf blower, the cubic centimeters should be good.
  • Air speed. The leaf blower should have enough miles per hour of air flow. It measures the strength and power of the blower.
  • Speed settings. Leaf blowers may have fixed settings or variable speed controls. A good leaf blower will allow you to adjust the airflow and movement of debris. It should provide you with a button to set and lock a speed too.

There are other types of leaf blowers than can be converted to vacuums. These vacuums allow you to gather light landscape debris such as small leaves or twigs in an attached bag.

There are also other types of blowers that convert the debris and grind them. It makes disposal easy and helps create a mulch for use around the landscape.

Leaf blowers are available in many hardware stores. There are many kinds and brands but make sure to choose the one that best suits your working style, yard, and preference.

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