DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless Blower Review

DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless Blower Review

This Dewalt brushless blower is a cordless lithium battery-powered product that comes with an efficient and durable motor. The fan is designed for great air output and the battery is powerful enough for a long run time.

Air speed is 90 MPH and covers 400 cubic feet per minute. It can be operated by pull of a trigger and can easily start as compared to gas-powered blowers.

The product weighs 10 pounds and is portable. It can work on small and large yard spaces without any issues regarding performance and longevity.

The DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless Blower is powerful and can clean leaves, grass trimmings, rocks, and mud. The blower strength can be easily adjusted. It can be made stronger depending on the air power needed.


  • Efficient and durable brushless motor
  • Fan is designed to blow air and run for long periods
  • Innovative axial fan design that maximizes on-air output and run time
  • Covers 400 CFM at 90 MPH air speed
  • Has trigger and speed lock
  • Includes 20V MAX 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Has 1-year free service and 3-year limited warranty

This blower offers maximum power to accomplish work for big yard within a small amount of time. It has great wind power to clean large amounts of leaves and mud and it doesn’t easily break.


As compared to other blowers, the Dewalt can cover more space for cleaning and brushing dry leaves and mud. The coverage space with one sweep is 400 cubic feet per minute which is more than enough.

One customer was very satisfied with the low buzzing sound, which is far better than gas-powered blowers. He was also happy with the trigger system that provides strong air speed instantly. He didn’t have to switch modes to get the air strength that he needed.

Another buyer said that air power intensity of this device is very good and he only got that powerful air speed from a heavy gas-operated blower before. He said that he is very satisfied with his Dewalt blower because he can clean more areas with a machine that weighs very light and does not need to be maintained like a gas-powered engine.

He also said that he is happy that he can clean his big yard with almost the same air intensity as provided by a gas-powered blower.

The buyers of the product say that it is very convenient because it is cordless and the battery can last 20 minutes with continued use of maximum power. One customer suggests that the battery should be charged in full before use and one should keep an extra battery charged as well for uninterrupted work.

Another customer agreed and said that he uses it to blow sawdust in his workshop and it did not destroy his projects in progress.

There was another buyer who was very satisfied with his purchase. He bought the unit 10 years ago and it still works well.

He likes the convenience that this device offers and the practicality of using it as compared to a gas-powered or corded blower. He also likes the fact that the blower is easy to pull out and store. It suits his needs for quick and efficient cleaning.


Several customers said that the unit is not powerful enough to accomplish big work on large spaces. They said that the battery keeps failing and the blower does not work as expected. They had to replace the battery with a more powerful one.

Another buyer said that his unit couldn’t blow leaves. He said that the battery has to be recharged after five minutes. He also said that other blowers with a cheaper price perform in the same way.

He said that there was nothing extraordinary with Dewalt.

There were also complaints that the charger failed to work. The customers said that it took too long to charge the batteries and the device eventually stopped working.

They also had a hard time with customer service that was not helpful in addressing the problems.


The DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless Blower serves many happy customers with its strong wind power and large coverage. Most of the buyers are happy that the blower can clean large spaces and sweep leaves, rocks, and dust without any issues.

The included battery gives them as much as half an hour of power. They all said that the product is light and easy to start with a trigger mechanism that is simple to operate.

Satisfied customers liked the fact that this product is lighter as compared to a gas-operated blower and the buzzing sound is not too loud. They also said that this product is easy to store.

However, the batteries can only be used for half an hour. If you want to use it for a longer period of time, then keep extra batteries and a charger handy.

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