GreenWorks 24312 G-MAX 40V 185mph Variable Speed Cordless Blower Review

GreenWorks 24312 G-MAX 40V 185mph Variable Speed Cordless Blower Review

The Greenworks Cordless Blower and Vacuum is a reliable grass blower that makes working in the yard fast and easy. It makes very little noise with great performance.

Cleaning can be done more efficiently in less time because this blower is cordless and can be used with very few accessories. Unlike other grass blowers, this product is powered by a rechargeable battery, reducing the risk of using gas-powered blowers that emit smoke and cause vibrations that are not easy to handle.

The Greenworks Cordless Blower and Vacuum is light and ergonomic. It is easy to handle because it only weighs 6 pounds. It has wind power of 185 mph and can sweep dry or wet leaves as well as other garden debris.

Charging of the 40mAh battery only takes 120 minutes with the push of a button.


  • Comes with DigiPro Brushless Motor and works with 40V battery for long and efficient run time
  • Has wind speed of 185 mph
  • No need to connect with other yard tools
  • Can sweep wet and dry leaves
  • Compatible only with GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Battery models, 29472 and 29462 and G-MAX Charger model 29482

This portable and very useful product is durable and can be used for a long period of time. Its engine is built to withstand wear and tear as well as repeated weekly usage.


A customer was very pleased with his Greenmax vacuum because it is cordless and he did not have to worry about an extension cord. He was also very happy with the battery life of the product and said that he could use it without recharging and did not have to mix gas and oil to get it started.

He was also happy that the product is easy to start. This customer has a tree that sheds small leaves and he said that the blower could collect all the leaves without any problems. The leaf collector has a zipper that enables easy leaf disposal.

This product is also commended for its blower strength. A buyer said that the Greenmax is as powerful as other gas-powered vacuums and could collect even at the most difficult spaces in his yard.

The vacuum has a 40mAh battery and can run for half an hour without a recharge. He suggested that spare batteries are needed for users with a bigger yard space and batteries should be charged right away when they run out of power.

Another user said that the blower is powerful and his yard work could be done in half the time as compared to his older vacuum. The battery life indicator is useful, he said, and clearly tells when the battery needs a recharge.

The blower is also cased in a plastic shell to protect it from rocks or twigs. It is very durable as well.

A user liked the fact that the vacuum is quiet and does not disturb the neighbors when in use. He said that he used the vacuum at full power and it was still quieter than gas-powered blowers.

He also said that he could clean faster with this product because of its wind strength.

One user wanted to use a blower instead of a broom because the broom couldn’t sweep the fine dirt in the pavement, which he found easy to clean with this vacuum. The dirt in sidewalk grooves was also cleaned up easily.

Another user agreed and said that his Greenworks vacuum can clean a lot of pine cones in his 10,000 square foot yard. He also liked the fact that the battery life was long and powerful enough to sustain the vacuum throughout his cleaning work.


A buyer had no problem using this product as a blower but it did not function as a vacuum. This was his second time using it and he brought it to the service center.

The technician at the center was not able to help him and this made him very frustrated.

Another customer had problems with the vacuum and said that it did not work on big leaves. Needle-like leaves would jam the sensor nozzle and discharge the system.

He also said that the vacuum is not powerful enough for wet leaves. He suggested that the product should only be used as a blower and not as a vacuum.

He also had problems with the charger because the indicator was confusing. He knew about the charging mode only when he saw instructions tied to the charger cord, which, he said, should have been put in the instructions manual.


Greenworks Cordless Blower and Vacuum is voted by half of the customers as one of the most powerful yard cleaning tools available in the market. It has proven to be efficient in cleaning and getting rid of leaves, rocks, soil and mud.

Most buyers are satisfied because it is cordless and battery powered. You do not need to worry about wire extensions with this product.

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