Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower Review

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower Review

If your backyard is full of dry leaves and twigs, will it be a nice place to hang out? If your landscape is dirty, will it still look nice? There is one solution to these problems – a leaf blower.

What is a leaf blower? What is an example of the best leaf blower? Is it expensive?

Leaf blowers are outdoor equipment that blow out air from a nozzle to move leaves and other unwanted debris. They are either powered by gas or electric, cordless or with cord.

There are different kinds of leaf blowers that are built with different features and attachments.

Leaf blowers was invented in the late 1950s by Dom Quinto. It was originally used as a agricultural chemical sprayer in the United States.

However, some users remove the chemical dispensing portion of the tool leaving only the blower. Hence, manufacturers saw the tool’s possibility to be transformed into a traditional lawn and garden maintenance equipment.

Since then, the agricultural chemical sprayer became the leaf blower which was widely accepted in the United States. By the 1990s, 800,000 units were sold in the country and became a household gardening equipment.

Today, there are many leaf blowers created by different manufacturers. They vary in size, price, attachments, weight, and other characteristics.

When it comes to purchasing a leaf blower, important features should be considered. What are the important features?

The Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower has the important features. Listed below are the features, advantages, and cons that make this cordless leaf blower outstanding.


The Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower is built with DigiPro brushless motor which delivers performance equivalent to a 32cc gas engine.

It blows up to 500CFM and 125 MPH to effectively move leaves, twigs, and other unwanted debris in the yard.

The Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower also solves noise issues that most leaf blowers do not. It operates quietly at only 60 decibels. It can be started with push button start and has no maintenance.

It comes with 80 volts 2 AH lithium ion battery and charger. It is also compatible with other batteries and charger models – GCH8040, GBA80200, and GBA80400.

Since it is battery powered, it does not emit pollution that could be harmful to humans and the environment. It saves you money, fuel, and gas.

It does not require oil mixing so there’s no more mess, spills, and wasted time. Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower is reliable and powerful despite being battery powered.

This battery powered leaf blower provides up to 70 minutes run time and takes only 30 minutes to full charge the batteries.

It does not limit mobility because Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower is cordless. It does not have vibration so you can work longer without getting tired. Plus, it weighs only 8.2 pounds or as much as a gallon of milk.


  • Cordless
  • As powerful as the gas-powered leaf blowers
  • Reduced noise
  • Does not emit harmful fumes
  • Saves gas and fuel
  • Up to 70 minutes run time and 30 minutes charging time
  • 80-volt battery
  • Compatible with other battery and charger models
  • Digitally controlled brushless motor
  • Easy to start up
  • Quite engine
  • Does not require oil mixing
  • Safe for the environment and living things
  • Saves times
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Quite expensive


When it comes to buying a leaf blower, important features should be examined. It should be lightweight enough to prevent you from getting exhausted easily. It should be portable so it won’t limit mobility.

While some leaf blowers are powered by gas, some models come with batteries which power the engine. Gas powered leaf blowers usually provide more power than their electric powered counterpart; but gas powered leaf blowers emit harmful fumes.

If you are looking for a leaf blower that is powerful but does not emit any pollution, the Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower can be one of the best models you can ever find. In fact, its engine delivers gas equivalent performance to 32cc gas engine.

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower is lightweight and allows for more mobility. It is easy to use and can be started at just the push of a button. It works quietly so it won’t disturb the whole household and the neighborhood.

Even though some users find it quite expensive, Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower is worth it.

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