How to Buy a Leaf Blower

How to Buy a Leaf Blower

There are many leaf blowers available in the market and it might seem like a daunting task to choose the right one. Yard work used to be a task that just required a broom and a rake but technology has made the task easier.

There are now electric leaf blowers to replace gas powered ones. Gas powered leaf blowers are now placed in sling bags or backpacks so you can easily move around when working.

The more renowned leaf blowers are cordless leaf blowers. They produce a low humming sound that is easy to carry without the use of an extension cord, or the worry about cleaning within 100 meters from the outlet.

These blowers are also equipped with engines that do not require maintenance work.

Electric handheld cordless blowers run on a rechargeable battery. These batteries can run up to half an hour and will give you uninterrupted cleaning.

These electric leaf blowers also do not require tune-ups or parts replacements because they do not use spark plugs or complicated engines. However, their blowing power is a little less than gas powered ones but will still be able to accomplish the job.

You might need extra batteries and a charger to clean bigger spaces, or if you intend to clean for more than an hour.

Here are the types of leaf blowers you can get:

Corded-electric blowers

These blowers run on electricity and run from a direct current from an outlet. These blowers are handheld and can be used from 100 meters from the power source.

The machine is simple and does not need heavy maintenance. Use an extension cord if you need extra moving space. The downside of using a corded blower is that you will have to re-adjust the cord constantly, which is time-consuming. It is also difficult going around trees.

Cordless-electric blowers

The cordless electric blower is the most popular because they weigh more or less 9 pounds. They are light to carry and can power yard work for at most an hour at medium speed.

At maximum settings, they are only good for 20 minutes. The cordless blower is also noise free and powerful enough to clean leaves, twigs, and rocks.

The cordless blower is also good for cleaning the driveway and the roof. Make sure that you have extra batteries if you intend to use it for longer periods.

Gas-Powered Backpack Blowers

The gas powered blowers are noisy because they run on small engines similar to weed cutters. They run on gas and weigh more than 10 pounds.

However, the backpack makes the weight easier to carry and does not cause back strain. They are noisier than electric blowers but most are already designed to meet noise limits.

Gas-Powered Handheld Blowers

The difference between handheld and backpack gas powered blowers is that the handheld blower is carried by two hands. These handheld blowers weigh more than 10 pounds but give big blowing power.

The noise is manageable but if used for long periods, you will feel strained and uncomfortable.

Gas-Powered Wheeled Blowers

The biggest and most powerful of all leaf blowers is the gas powered wheeled blower. They run on 4 stroke engines and weigh more than 80 pounds.

They are good to clean acres of land but are hard to use when uphill because of its weight. It is also hard to push around. It will take up to 8 meters of storage space.

With the big engine, it only runs on low noise and is within an acceptable limit.

Before making the purchase, know the area that needs cleaning. If the space is bigger, then you will have to make adjustments.

Make sure that the blower has an extra handle for easier balance control and movement. You will also notice that nozzles are flat and some are round. In this case, make sure that the blower has both.

The unit should have a function for different airspeeds. Choose a unit which will give you options for different modes.

You will need moderate power if you are cleaning near windows and doors. Make sure that the air intake is at the bottom so clothes do not get tangled in it.

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