Leaf blower 101: Lightweight cordless leaf blower

Leaf blower 101: Lightweight cordless leaf blower

Removing dried leaves off the yard can take a lot of time and energy. Most people pay someone to do this task for them. For some people, it could be really annoying to pay someone just to sweep off leaves, twigs, grass cuttings, and other debris off the yard.

There is one solution to solve this problem: a lightweight cordless leaf blower.

Instead of spending your time and energy sweeping off the yard, spend it with your loved ones. You do not have to pay someone do it for you.

With the lightweight cordless leaf blower, you can actually do the job in no time at all.

So, what is the most lightweight brand of a lightweight cordless leaf blower? Is it expensive? Does it come with attachments? Is it battery powered or gas powered?

Electricity usually powers lightweight cordless leaf blowers. They come with a battery that last for hours. However, most battery-operated leaf blowers are heavier than the gas-powered blowers because of the batteries. So, does a lightweight cordless leaf blower exist?

The lightweight cordless leaf blowers: top pick

Yes, it does. In fact, here are some of the top models that have this characteristic:

Black+Decker LSW36 Cordless Sweeper

Black+Decker LSW36 Cordless Sweeper weighs only 4.7 pounds which is just right to let you do the task conveniently. Plus, it has a soft grip handle for more control.

Aside from this feature, Black+Decker LSW36 Cordless Sweeper is built with an engine with up to 120 mph air speed. For a leaf blower than runs on a battery, this speed is very fast and strong. It has low noise level too.

Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower

Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower weighs only 3.5 pounds and it’s not just easy to handle, but also easy to store. It is portable and can be conveniently used anywhere.

Its engine blows at up to 120 mph air speed and 80 cfm air flow. It helps sweep debris off the large spaces as well as the small and delicate surfaces.

Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower can be the most versatile, all around blower that not only functions as a leaf blower but as much more. Its attachments such as inflator nozzle and deflation cover, wide nozzle, extension hose, detail brush, short tube, and dust brush make it very versatile.

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower weighs 8.2 pounds or the equivalent weight of less than a gallon of milk. It does not limit mobility and helps you reach any area.

The engine of Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower blows air up to 500 cfm and 125 mph. It does not have too loud a sound; in fact, it only produces 60 decibels.

The lithium ion battery is 80 volts and is compatible with other battery and charger models. It does not emit harmful fumes and prevents any mess or spills due to oil mixing.

Why weight is important?

The weight of a leaf blower defines the ease and convenience. Lightweight leaf blowers save energy so you can do more tasks. It helps you do the tasks faster and more effectively, too.

Gas leaf blowers are generally more lightweight than the electric powered leaf blowers. But if you prefer electric blowers because you want more mobility, choose the model that uses a lithium ion battery.

This kind of battery is more lightweight, smaller, and holds the charge longer than the nickel cadmium battery.

Some lightweight cordless leaf blowers have batteries that can also power other gardening equipment such as hedge trimmers, mowers, string trimmers, and chainsaws. If you have the equipment, you can use one battery while the others are being charged.

Lightweight cordless leaf blowers are the safest kind of leaf blower that adhere to the US emission standards. Unlike gas powered leaf blowers, battery powered blowers do not emit harmful fumes that could damage the environment. They do not require oil mixing which can cause spills and mess.

Another concern with leaf blowers is the noise emission. Most leaf blowers are noisy and a definite source of noise pollution.

Thankfully, the lightweight cordless leaf blowers that are powered by battery are much less noisy compared to their gas-powered counterpart.

Leaf blowers make life easier and more convenient. A lightweight cordless leaf blower does this especially well.

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