The best leaf blowers: Cordless leaf blower ratings

The best leaf blowers: Cordless leaf blower ratings

When it comes to clearing your yard or driveway from a large amount of leaves, grass cuttings, and other debris, the leaf blower is the best equipment that you can use. It can also blow out snow from the driveway, cars, etc.

For a majority of homeowners, a cordless leaf blower is what they prefer. This article is all about leaf blower features, characteristics, and cordless leaf blower ratings.

Leaf blowers were originally introduced to the United States as a chemical sprayer for agriculture. During those times though, people removed the chemical dispensing part from the tool and used it to clean messy spaces.

The manufacturers saw the potential of this tool to be transformed into a more versatile household clearing tool.

Through the years, manufacturers have been creating different kinds of leaf blowers. Each has different size, weight, attachments, and other features.

But among the hundred kinds of leaf blowers, the cordless leaf blowers are the preferred choice.

Cordless leaf blower ratings

In this section, we cover everything that you need to know about cordless leaf blowers. Which brands are the best sellers?

We have selected the three most popular cordless leaf blowers. They were selected according to the number of stars, positive reviews, and negative feedbacks.

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower

Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower is a 4.5 star rated battery powered leaf blower. It is built with a DigiPro brushless motor that delivers performance as extreme as the performance delivered by a 32-cc gas engine. It provides 500 CFM and 125 MPH that effectively move leaves, twigs, etc. from the place.

It operates at only 60 decibels which most leaf blowers cannot match. It starts only with a push button start.

The Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower is powered by an 80-volt lithium ion battery. It is lightweight and is compatible with other battery and charger models.

Black+Decker LSW36 Cordless Sweeper

The Black+Decker LSW36 Cordless Sweeper is a 4-star rated battery operated cordless leaf blower. It has an engine that blows air with speed of up to 120 MPH. It operates on a low noise level of 66 decibels.

It is powered by a 40-volt lithium ion battery which is lighter and smaller compared to a nickel cadmium battery.

Many users are pleased with Black+Decker LSW36 Cordless Sweeper because it has a long battery life, has variable power setting, plus is affordable and comfortable to use.

Worx Air Multi- Purpose Blower

Worx Air Multi- Purpose Blower is rated four stars. It has an engine that blows out 120 MPH air speed and 80 CFM air flow. While some people are not satisfied with this power, more users love it because of its multi functionality.

Worx Air Multi- Purpose Blower comes with 8 different attachments that are intended for different cleaning tasks. It can clean from the wide spaces such as yards, driveways, etc. to the most delicate surfaces such as furniture and keyboards.

The battery of the Worx Air Multi- Purpose Blower is compatible with other battery and charger models. It can also work with other Worx equipment that has the 20-voltage power platform.

Leaf blower buying guide

Generally, leaf blowers are supposed to have the following features to have a high rating.


A leaf blower is cost effective when it comes with outstanding features that most leaf blowers do not have. Usually, the gas-powered leaf blowers are more expensive than the electric powered ones.


Attachments make the leaf blower more versatile and multi-functional. Some attachments include nozzle, short tube, dust brush, extension hose, and more.

Air speed and air volume

The air speed and air volume should be powerful enough to move the leaves, grass cuttings, twigs, and other debris. Generally, gas powered leaf blowers are more powerful but there are also cordless, electric powered leaf blowers that provide as much power as the gas-powered ones.

There is no single best leaf blower. The best choice depends on your personal preference, purpose, and place.

For example, you may find the most powerful and cordless leaf blower, but you prefer it to provide light air speed and air volume. You can opt for the other leaf blower that has those features.

The cordless leaf blower ratings are just few examples of the best seller cordless leaf blowers today.

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