Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower Review

Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower Review

Aside from spring, fall is the most colorful season. With all the leaves falling to the ground, your outdoor area might already be drowning in debris. Good thing the leaf blower was invented.

Leaf blowers were originally used as agricultural chemical sprayers. Today, they are now gardening tools that blow powerful air out of a nozzle to move the leaves, twigs, grass cuttings, and other unwanted debris.

It is either powered by gas or electricity, with cord or cordless, and include different attachments.

There are hundreds of leaf blowers in hardware stores today. Choosing which works best can be difficult. Good thing, there are several factors that can be considered: the kind, weight, size, and other factors.

Most importantly, a leaf blower should provide powerful air to move different debris out of the yard. The engine should not emit harmful fumes and unwanted noise.

There are more important factors to consider when purchasing a leaf blower. Here is a good example of a great leaf blower: the Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower.

Listed below are the features, pros, and cons.


The Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower is one of the most versatile leaf blowers today. It comes with 8 different attachments to help you create a clean zone around your household. The attachments are the

  • inflator nozzle and deflation cover to help you deflate or inflate inflatable objects such as balls and fitness equipment;
  • short tube that provides more manageable air flow to clean tables and other small places;
  • wide nozzle that can be used to dry out windows, boat, vehicles, and other washed items;
  • extension hose with dust tube to manage airflow in hard to reach surfaces;
  • detail brush to remove dirt from delicate surfaces such has keyboards;
  • dust brush to clean window sills and patio furniture;

Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower provides 120 MPH air speed and 80 CFM air flow. It is powerful enough to sweep debris from large areas such as yards and driveways and delicate surfaces such as keyboards and furniture.

It is portable and lightweight. In fact, it weighs only 3.5 pounds so it is convenient and easy to store.

The battery of the Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower is compatible with many Worx equipment that also has the 20-voltage power platform.

It does not use gas and fuel so it saves your money and protects you from pollution.

Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower is very versatile and can help you with almost anything.


  • Very versatile
  • With 8 different attachments
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Works with different household furniture
  • Affordable
  • Battery compatible with other Worx equipment
  • Provides up to 120 mph air speed and 80 cfm air flow
  • Cordless


  • Battery does not last long
  • Airflow may not be enough to blow the leaves
  • May not work as advertised


This Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower is a very promising, versatile equipment that can not only be used in the gardens but also in the whole household. It is a great tool that can clean the entire house from the garage, yard, driveways to the furniture, delicate surfaces, and more. It can even inflate or deflate balls, toys, fitness equipment, and more.

However, some users are not satisfied with Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower. Some say Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower does not work as advertised. Some users are displeased with the battery.

They say that the battery last only 15 minutes and the air speed and air flow is not enough to move leaves from wide places such as yards, driveways, etc.

But among these few disappointments, more users say the Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower is worth it. It is more affordable and more versatile compared to other leaf blowers.

It does not have any cord so it allows for more mobility. It has a very compact build so it is easy to store.

One of the most important features to consider when buying a leaf blower is the safety. This is what makes Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower great.

It does not use gas and fuel. It does not require any mixing of oil and fuels, and saves you from harmful fumes. It saves your time too and using it does not produce any spills and mess commonly caused by fuel.

While Worx Air Multi-Purpose Blower is not a perfect product, it can be the best leaf blower if you are looking for the most versatile and safe kind of household cleaning equipment.

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