WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Blower with Brushless Motor Review

WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Blower with Brushless Motor Review

The Worx turbine blower is an efficient and powerful machine that can effectively be used in the yard to blow leaves and dirt. It is a handy and energy-efficient product that only weighs 8 pounds and uses a powerful battery to clean outdoor spaces quickly.

It can cover as much as 465 CFM. Wind speed is 125 mph. WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Blower with Brushless Motor is easy to use with just one hand and very easy to manoeuvre as well.


  • Comes with turbine fan technology that delivers forceful, high-capacity air volume
  • Weighs only 8.1 pounds
  • Ergonomic design ensures optimal weight distribution to prevent fatigue during larger tasks
  • Variable speed control with TURBO boost
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Can be hung on existing hooks, bolts, or nails
  • Has 56V lithium battery
  • Cordless and can easily be adjusted

The main feature of this product is its powerful turbine fan that is unique to this machine. The blowing intensity is strong and it can handle big piles of wet or dry leaves.

Energy is efficiently used with this technology and it can operate effectively even at medium wind strength. Turbo strength works best when blowing wet leaves. For longer battery life, the settings can be adjusted to handle light dirt.

This cordless blower is efficient in providing strong blowing power and it can cover a huge space in very little time. Cleaning of the yard can be made faster and easier with its wireless feature.

It is light enough to use comfortably, without the user feeling fatigued or overworked.


Customers found this product easy to use and powerful enough to tackle heavy yard jobs, especially during the fall. The machine operates without issues and customers did not encounter any hassles.

Even at turbo speed, the blower can perform well and does a great job of blowing away leaves, twigs, and rocks in the yard. The dirt that is lodged at corners or ridges can effectively be cleaned with this machine.

The turbine-powered fan makes very low noise and many users commented that even at turbo settings, the vibrations were minimal and the device did not disturb the neighbors. Many of the buyers think that the product is efficient and serves their needs within minutes of use.

At turbo settings, the blower is strong enough to clean heavy rocks that are stuck in the mud and wet leaves that are stuck in the pavement.

A satisfied customer could clean his garden, garage, and driveway conveniently because this blower is cordless. He didn’t have any problems with moving it from one place to another.

He also liked the fact that the product is light and that he could operate the machine for long hours without feeling strained. Another customer was able to clean two driveways, yard and roof easily with this product.

He was very happy that he could bring the blower to different areas without worrying about a cord or getting an extension wire.

The battery indicator was also seen as useful by another customer who relied on the indicator for monitoring usage and checking if the machine was running on low power. He said that on high-power settings, the blower is only good for 10 minutes.

However, he learned to adjust the settings to medium power for longer use. He also said that the blower stops if the battery gets too hot. It only takes half an hour to recharge the battery.


There was a customer who said that the battery lost power when it was used only for 10 minutes. This was frustrating for the user.

He also said that the battery indicator does not work properly and the charger does not indicate if the battery is fully charged. For this customer, the warranty of the product was voided because the repair center said that charging should not exceed 90 minutes. This was not indicated on the manual.

Another customer said that the product and its blowing capacity were good but the battery was bad and couldn’t sustain the blower’s power. There were similar complaints that the product cannot be used to clean a yard with big amounts of dirt.

According to another user, customer assistance after sales is very poor. They tried to avail the warranty after their battery died but did not get any help.


The WORX TURBINE 56V Cordless Blower with Brushless Motor is a great product that uses a high-tech turbine fan to efficiently blow dry or wet leaves, dirt and rocks. This product enjoys an approval rating of 64 percent from its customers.

The product is lightweight and many of the customers are happy with their purchase because it is easy to use and they can move it from one place to another without an extension cord.

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